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employment in a digital world

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In addition to assisting with the development of a personalized job search strategies and supports offered in Project Hire, there is also funding available to help you upgrade your digital fluency skills to help you navigate employment in digital world.

​Core Digital Skills Training Program Options:
  • Understanding Today's Digital World
    • A series of workshops designed to to help develop foundational digital fluency skills aimed at creating confidence in the use of basic computer skills.
  • Digital Productivity & Collaboration in the Workplace:
    • A series of workshops designed to help develop the skills required to navigate the use of collaborative technology solutions used in today's workplace including: Microsoft Teams, Online meeting technologies, Google Docs, etc.
  • Online Self-paced Training:
    • You will also have access to a catalog of online self-paced training courses that can compliment your skills development.

Specialized Skills Training Options:
  • You will have the ability to access FREE specialized training based on your individual employment goals. You can work with your career coach to develop a customized a training plan just for you.
  • Examples of training options may include:
    • Digital Marketing training through the Digital Marketing Institute including the Digital Marketing Professional Certification program
    • Microsoft Office Training including:
      • Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams, One Note, Publisher
    • Other training may include: IT certifications. data and analytics training, website design, coding courses, computerized accounting courses and so much more!
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