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About Teamworks Career Centre...

At Teamworks Career Centre we are committed to helping Southern Alberta Job Seekers to realize their career goals through Career Coaching, Job Search Support, Career Workshops, and Skills Training. Teamworks Career Centre holds the distinction of being awarded the Career Development Award of Excellence by the Province of Alberta. Our clients have said "Teamworks is one of the best kept secrets in Southern Alberta".


We have 33 years of experience in the Lethbridge area, and during that time we have developed a multitude of business relationships, been involved in a wide array of career development and assisted 100’s of people. We have the understanding of what is essential to both the Job Seeker and the Prospective Employers in our city.


We invite you to visit our fully equipped Business Centre where our dedicated team of Career Development and Skills Training Professionals will provide you with guidance and directions in finding your greatest career opportunities and business skill training.


Our mission is simple: To help you find the best career opportunity, in the shortest time possible! 


We Believe:
1. It is possible to work at your ideal job.
2. There is an abundance of options and opportunities.
3. Finding passion and purpose is the key to career success.
4. Each of you is powerful in your own right!

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Who is behind Teamworks Career Centre?

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